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A man prisoner's goatee
Tell that jerk to shut his prison beaver
by Milosivich January 17, 2009
When one performs or lets loose what he/she thinks to be a fart, and turns out to be a little wet turd that is squishy and warm between the cheeks. If left unattended, this mush may become rather irritable, uncomfortable, and smelly. This always results in a mess and sometimes may soil one's undergarments. One may relate this occurrence to a real life cab drivers ass.
Dude, totally have to change my boxers I got cab drivers ass.

What in SAM hell is that smell, Brian you got cab drivers ass again?
by Milosivich January 17, 2009
Idiot creepo
What's up jerkface? You stupid jerk.
by Milosivich January 18, 2009

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