CYP is the acronym for "Classic You Problem".
Programmer 1: Dude, I can't get my code to compile. This shit won't work!
Programmer 2: Well what could it be? Have you included the right libraries?
Programmer 1: No wait, I fucking forgot to CLEAN.
Programmer 2: Sounds like a CYP to me.
by One34 December 10, 2009
CYP is the acronym for "Calm your pussy!"
Mom: OMFG! you didn't do your homework!!!!!?!?!?
Child: CYP! MOM!
by nikota123 March 02, 2008
Acronym for "calm your pants."

A variation is CYFP, or "calm your fucking pants."
You: Omfg, I just finished Twilight. Best. Book. Ever.
Me: CYP, nobody cares about Twilight.

by Froggerz July 23, 2010
Check your privilege. Most commonly said to young, white males in the United States by people who ignore their own massive privilege.
"Greg wouldn't shut up about how he got into Dartmouth, so I told him CYP"
by breezledubz May 20, 2014

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