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Co-Worker I'd Like to Fuck - a person of the same OR opposite sex from work that one would like to make the naked pretzel with.
Man, that Fiorino is NOT a CWILF. He's one ugly mofo.
by Mark August 07, 2004
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Congress Woman I'd Like (to) Fuck.
George: Dude, Gabbey Giffords is a total cwilf.
Dick: I know, right?
by mrwildflowers December 24, 2011
Cousin's Wife I'd Like To Fuck
Omar: Carlos, your cousin Steve's wife, Melissa is hot
Carlos: Yeah, she's a CWILF, I'd like to fuck her.
by I Like Ghetto Booty October 30, 2008
Campaign Wife I'd Like To Fuck
Man, that wife of Fred Thompson is a major CWILF.

Kucinich totally has my vote as he has a smokin hawt CWILF.
by Jill2008 January 22, 2008

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