"Comme Ta Mère" ("like your mother" in french), can be used as an alternative answer to a lot of things (especially pointless ones) and for trolling.
dude 1: yo dude, this shit is amazing, my gf accepted to take it up the ass last night
dude 2: ctm

dude 1: hey man this game is ugly and boring
dude 2: ctm
dude 1: don't start with that shit please
dude 2: ctm
dude 1: DUDE!
dude 2: CTM
dude 1: you cocksucker
dude 2: ctm
(can lead to an endless loop, like No U wars)
#ctm #comme #ta #mère #mom #mother #trolling #no #u #troll #like #your #french #meme
by Nosfrat April 12, 2010
Top Definition
Chuckle To Myself.

This is the counterpoint, the companion expression to LOL (Laugh Out Loud).
Wendy sent me a very funny text. I responded; CTM!
#funny #laugh #chuckle #lol #smile
by Cyprus Denton Fekks February 11, 2011
the meaning its in spanish "ConcheTuMadre"
in english its "mother fuker"
for example:
"ctm what are you doing?"
"ctm que wea estai haciendo?"

"i hate you rctm"
"te odio rectm"
#ctm #conchetumare #rctm #mf #motherfucker
by killua November 25, 2006
A word used to describe a guy that takes ab selfies, practices incest, and says he can beat the shit out of anyone despite never being in a fight before.
Person 1: Hey Christian over there fucked his cousin and got her pregnant. When I asked him about it he said he would beat my ass.

Person 2: He's never even been in a fight!
Person 1: Yeah I know, he's such a CTM
#douchebag #flamer #selfie #incest #racist #faggot
by theBOZ February 04, 2015
Chinga Tu Madre-a mexican way to say fuk ur mom
me and my friends use it so my mom wont know wat we are saying
CTM puto (chinga tu madre puto)
#chinga #madre #puto #fuck #mom #mother
by Chivas May 17, 2008
CTM is an acronym for "Chuckle To Myself", used in text/internet language and now spilling into current usage. Used when a comment brings about an amusing mental picture in the listener/reader. Origin - SE Qld, Australia.
Friend texts you - "just saw a man sneeze out his false teeth.."
*creates instant mental image which gives you a giggle on the inside* you respond "ctm"
#lol #rofl #lmao #lshiwmp #haha
by Red Bec April 22, 2011
CTM stands for Chuckle to myself. Used when the joke your friend made is not LOL-worthy because you didn't actually really laugh out loud.
Friend: Did you see what she was wearing?
Friend 2: CTM, she looks like a clown.

Friend:Dude, what religion is my religion?
Friend 2: CTM, are you drunk?
#jokes #acronyms #friends #clowns #funny
by k12k23s11 November 17, 2011
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