short for chuckle to myself
kinda like lol but more realistic, because who actually laughs out loud when they write that? I mean if something's really funny you end up writing lmao or something. ctm just seems to be more relevent, more often. and as an added plus people can't read it as a word; they would have to say the letters separately, unlike stupid people who actually say lol in real life.
well that escalated quickly ctm

betcha 5 bucks you wont eat that ctm

why do black people who get out of jail become muslims? ctm
by john the pimp January 28, 2013
chuckle to myself. Because sometimes you don't really lol (laugh out loud) it is more like a chuckle to myself...CTM
Tre: this semester is going to be long and hard

Danny: that's what she said

Tre: ctm
by Tre Stewart February 08, 2009
Chuckling To Myself. LOL is overused. What percentage of people actually laugh out loud when they write LOL. CTM is a more honest usage of the popular IM phrase.
mybestfriend: Dude, check out this video: http//somelink/semiFunnyVideo

me: CTM

mybestfriend: yeah, kinda lame
by Blaster_boy October 26, 2009
ctm, acronym of the phrase, "Chuckling To Myself".

Origins circa 1998.

Use arouse from instant messaging through Yahoo! messenger.
Where when realised rarely anyone actually 'Laughs Out Loud' (lol), the more truthful & correctly expressive of ones behaviour 'Chuckling to Myself' was applied to messages instead.

Sean: Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other & says "Dam!"

Pete: ctm
by Ian January 01, 2006
CTM, or "Chuckling To Myself" is the new LOL. Typically, one is not laughing "OL" (out loud) when it's typed, so it's been revised for situations with more subtle humor...or less funny jokes.
Here is how CTM would be used in a sentence.

SD: That crazy landlord came upstairs again! I think he has a drinking problem.

by IsaacN January 05, 2006
Chinga Tu Madre
meaning in spanish..
Fuck You Mom
i said ctm!!
by omfg i love ur mom October 17, 2007
Chicken Tikka Masala.
A food of Indian ethnicity that when enjoyed orgasmically, one often finds himself sitting on the toilet for an excruciably long time.
Anshul: "Yo Preeti, I wanna shower in the CTM."
Anshul: "Why'd you let Tom make off with that CTM."
Tom: "I've been sitting in the bathroom all night. Thank you CTM."
Preeti: "If a guy tasted like CTM, I would superman that hoe."
by Tomtikkamasala October 28, 2007

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