Abbreviation for Collegetown Bagels. A coffee/bagel/sandwich shop located next to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.
Anybody want to get some coffee at CTB?
#bagels #cornell #ithaca #ny #coffee
by Ezra Cornell September 06, 2006
Top Definition
CTB stands for catch the bus, e.g. commit suicide. It could also stand for "cease to breathe", another suicide reference.
Bob was tired of life, so he decided to CTB.
#suicide #death #catch #bus #cease #breathe
by Teh Grim Reaper November 10, 2005
french expression
"comme ta bite" (like your dick)
"c'est pas très long" (it's not so long)
"ctb" (like your dick)
by Fran April 02, 2005
Acronym for Cup The Balls - The act of gently "cupping" a mans testicles in the palm of the hand while performing oral sex on him.
Chance: Dude you know she's hella hot and she'sDTF.

Connor: Does she CTB?

Chance: Yeah man she's a pro.

Connor: Good 'cause I'm only DTF if she CTB's.
#dtf #dtlb #balls #testicles #connor
by donttrustahoe March 25, 2009
Catch the Beat

Is one the 4 game modes in the game Osu! This game mode revolves around catching the the falling fruit to land onto a plate that is being held. The character holding the plate is being controlled by the player and must be moved with speed and precision to catch the fruit which falls with the rhythm of the song
A: Oh man I love playing osu, what gamemode do you play?
B: CtB
A: Ah, im horrible at that
#ctb #osu #catch the beat #rhythm #ppy
by Swindle3561 March 10, 2015
CTB acronym for Cut Throat Bitch.

(n.) A female that is willing to do whatever it takes and at any cost to get what she wants without regards to ANYTHING!

(origin) Dr. Gregory House, Oct. 2, 2007, Season 04 Episode 02, "The Right Stuff"

(synonyms) Dr. Amber Volakis, Amber, Wilson's girlfriend, Bitch, Lisa Crawford
What a CTB!!!
CTB, have you seen her?
Awful lot of CTB this week
#ctb #cut throat bitch #house md #cutthroat bitch #lisa crawford #amber
by MoFo Rx March 23, 2011
Crush That Boonda
(Person 1) Hey bro CTB!!! Crush That Boonda!!!!!
(Person 2) Yeah buddy right back at you CTB!!
All day everyday. See Ya
#crush #boonda #hump #bang #pussy
by localhero34 June 02, 2011
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