Used in addresses like Blvd., Cr.(Crescent), st. etc.
Ct means 'Court' as part of an address.
Co-Pilot: Dude what the heck does 'Ct' mean in this Perly

Driver: Psssh i duno, I always wondered

Guy in Back Seat: It means 'Court' and it's as common as the word Boulevard, you may bask in my intellectual awesomeness now.
by Rawl April 01, 2007
The vastly growing gang in San Francisco. They are very cocky and start rival with everyone. Most of them are young and in jail. This gang has 'Followers'.
1. Nigga im reppin CT nigga cant fuck with me.

2. THe other day CT came up to me and threatened me with a gat.
by chinatown1234 August 01, 2008
Used explicitly for the purpose of instigating a "calming" reaction from perpetrator. Shortened form of CTFD which is a Shortened form of Calm the Fuck Down. Areas of Usage are highly concentrated in the c-unit gangs of Western Sydney. In particular Baulkham Hills High School.
A: Dude i heard u got 100 UAI ?

B: FARKING GOOD 1?!?!?!?!?!

A: CT bro... im trying to compliment yu

by MazeratiPussyPoppin January 19, 2009
Acronym for "Can't Talk"
"Ct right now, sorry!"
by TheDude March 10, 2005
mostly used in S.F meaning the gangs that are in Chinatown.Not necessarily chinease people.

I man the ct called him a scrap and they started fighting
by thug nation April 09, 2008
Conspiracy Theorist (abbreviated on blogs)
Don't be a CT. There was no election fraud in New Hampshire.
by maryann3 January 10, 2008
Camel Toe. Can swallow you whole if you're not careful. Also known as beartrap.
Ernie got too close and was sucked in by that massive CT! We never saw him again.
by Miles Krazny March 28, 2008

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