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a hella whore is a whore that surpasses all other whores in her whoring ability. There is no other way to describe a hella whore because her expertise is beyond compare.
My friend suzy? Hella whore! I heard she was with two guys last night at the SAME time!
by Cdawg December 05, 2004
When you accidently IM someone that is actually about them and was meant for someone else. A technologically savvy foot in the mouth. Not to be confused with iMistake (dropping your iPod)
Did you hear about Jane's IMistake? Dick won't even talk to her and she feels just awful.
by CDawg July 14, 2005
CT is an acronym for Cubicle Trash; i.e., the people you work with who are not worthy of their own office. Traditionally, this is a slovenly group with limited intellectual capacity and a propensity for constant confusion, however they're smarter than retards and can hold down a job. Oddly enough, most CTs have a penchant for party planning and costume masquerades.
Hey, should we invite Nancy to our smoke break? Are you fucking kidding me? I wouldn't be caught dead with that stanky CT.
by CDawg April 06, 2005
Refers to the public humiliation of a ho by her pimp. Loud cursing, erratic gestures usually accompany any 007. Most commonly found in strip mall parking lots.
Damn girl, Whitey Bear mad at you.He straight-up 007'd your ass in line at Taco Bell. Yo business must be bad.
by CDawg April 05, 2005
to dip your joint or cigarette in formaldehyde; creates PCP effect
After smoking that dipstick, I saw pink elephants.
by cdawg May 26, 2004

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