When you're a thug, but dressed up nicely.
1. Dude walks in wearing an Armani suit, a fitted hat, huge diamond watch, shades and chains = CT
by The Night that Never Ends September 14, 2011
Abbreviation for "city".

Mostly used in "txt" talk.
Friend #1: lets go ct on friday

Friend #2: ya sure
by why, hello July 10, 2008
Cuddle Time -

1. The act of a couple just holding each other, usually occurring post intercourse.

2. The act of a woman who does not want to put out, also known as a "cock tease"
I just want some ct tonight.
by mark twain me August 09, 2011
the action of dissecting connective tissue, an action done when dissecting cats/other organisms in science classes
guys we need to focus
no we like playing CT
by anatomymaster March 02, 2011
1. Chocolate Thief
2. One who inserts his penis into the rectum of another male, thus robbing them of their chocolate
3. Alan You-Know-Who-You-Are
Alan is a chocolate thief!
by Sega and Bird April 21, 2005
CT is an acronym for Cubicle Trash; i.e., the people you work with who are not worthy of their own office. Traditionally, this is a slovenly group with limited intellectual capacity and a propensity for constant confusion, however they're smarter than retards and can hold down a job. Oddly enough, most CTs have a penchant for party planning and costume masquerades.
Hey, should we invite Nancy to our smoke break? Are you fucking kidding me? I wouldn't be caught dead with that stanky CT.
by CDawg April 06, 2005
Abbreviated version of the expression chief taint. Used to express the action of smoking marijuana.
yo dude, you wanna ct?
by barskers June 07, 2011

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