Compagnie Republique de Securite. French riot police. Mainly recruit in the countryside as most riots occur in the town, so they get the opportunity to wop, tear-gas and water-cannon townies.
The Parisians hippies were rioting again, so the CRS went and cracked some skulls.
by fubarderby June 06, 2004
Top Definition
"Can't Remember Shit". Popularized by the movie Glory Daze.
I look back just a month ago and CRS.
by Bungalow Bill December 01, 2001
Can't Remember Shit
Gawd, I just don't know, I have CRS!!!!
#forgetfull #memoryloss #befuddled #fuzzy #dazed
by Starchylde December 23, 2014
Short for: Can't Remember Shit!
"Sorry, I don't recall that. I have a bad case of CRS."
#forgot #lack of memory #senior moment #brain fart #no clue
by TBN October 13, 2005
Can't remember shit (or, for the less vulgar, stuff).

"CRS means Can't Remember...damn, what was that last word again?"
#forgetful #stupid #amnesia #oblivious #unknowing
by Soupy January 08, 2008
Can't Remember Shit-- A medical condition where you constantly forget everything including your own name
Dude, I have CRS I'm gonna fail this test!
Officer I'm sorry, I have CRS I can't remember why I'm even here
#memory #can't #remember #shit #intelligent #great
by fuckerhead992267 April 10, 2011
It stands for "Child Rebel Soldier", the rap super group consisting of Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Although still busy working on their personal albums, they still have one song called "Us Placers" which can be found in West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" mixtape.

Download it. Real hip hop is making its comeback.
"hey have you listened to us placers by crs?"
"yeah man that shit is DOPE"
#fiasco #west #skateboard p #child rebel soldier #chi-town
by Paco Dominguez January 30, 2008
Can't... Remember...Shit!, A mental conditition when ones long and short term memory is altered; forgetfulness.
Sorry for not pickin'up your clothes from the laundramat, you know I get C.R.S. sometimes.
#forgetfulness #blank #absent minded #lack of concentration #dumb
by TIAWUAN GOINS October 27, 2007
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