A medical condition where the affected suffers memory loss after the consumption of excessive ammounts of alcohol.
Michael Zanca has CRS
by Zanca December 13, 2009
meaning Can't Remember Shit. When you have sudden mental breakdown you can't remember anything at all.
Guy 1: Dude, whats this something you told me last night?

Guy 2: Uhh. Dayum. CRS!

Guy 1: No shit.
by sweetestasiandoll February 06, 2011
Acronym meaning "Can't remember shit".
"Man, I must have a case of C.R.S. because I don't remember you telling me that shit".
by bxprican4u June 16, 2006
Can't Roll for Shit: a gamer term denoting someone who frequently has bad dice rolls, especially at critical times. Originally used in role-playing games, where the consequence of bad rolls often means death for your character.

Many games require rolling dice to generate random numbers so that the results of an action are not foreseeable. Over time, results should be distributed fairly evenly, but someone suffering from CRS tends to have more than his fair share of unfavorable results. In games that are largely luck-driven, like Risk, no amount of good strategy can overcome CRS. In less-luck-oriented games, like Monopoly, good play can still sometimes overcome bad rolls.
"Man, I rolled another critical fumble! I got CRS today 'cause I can't roll for shit!"
by TheDS2 April 14, 2010
abbreviation for the term "Cum rags." This term refers to any paper cloth, such as tissues, that could in some instance be used to clean up cum.
"Yo dude, pass me the CR's."

"Mom, I'm out of CR's in my room. Can you buy me a new box?"
by djollbeats October 23, 2012
Can't Remember Shit
His memory is like his pecker, they're both kinda short, hence CRS
by Captain Cripsta January 05, 2010
Cranial Rectal Syndrome - Head in Butt Disease
Wow, she suffers from an extreme case of CRS.
by udaman_us January 07, 2008
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