Chuckling Quietly; instead of using "lol" or "lqtms"
John: Dude laura said she'd give me a quickie before class!
Hank: Cq she was talking to the chick behind ya!
by Sean2008 August 17, 2007
Abbreviation of Chick Quality
Sweden - high Chick Quality
Ireland - low Chick Quality

Dude 1: Man, that trip to Dublin was great, though the CQ was pretty damn low!
Dude 2: Yeah, I'm glad to be home again, though our CQ here aint as great as Swedens, it sure is high compared to Ireland!
by Dallester November 10, 2009
cussing quietly
I was CQ when my boss told me I heard to work late
by tbcornelis February 11, 2010

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