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the liquor store
Yo, lets go to the lq before it closes.
by B-style March 25, 2004
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An abriviation for liquer.
Lets get some LQ tonight!
by Sarah Win June 08, 2004
Laser quest, live action laser tag. 90 million plays since 1993!
Went to Laser Quest and had great time!
Yes, LQ rocks dude!
by OncleBob February 19, 2014
Stands for "Low Quality"

Typically used to emphasize somebody who is real trailor trash.
Bob: Hey Sally, did you see the guy who applied for the job today?

Sally: Ya, he was really dirty looking.

Bob: Ya, a real LQ.
by G R M September 16, 2005
An abbreviation for "loin quake."

When the loins "quake" as a result of seeing an attractive person. Often occurs suddenly and forcefully.
"Man, when I saw Hugh Jackman for the first time, I had a major LQ."
by Undesirable Number One June 30, 2009
lq stands for laughing quitly,

This is needed in the urban dictionary as lol is becoming a waste of time as it is massivily over used.Often people never actually lol, well i dont, So if we use lq we will be telling the truth and lol will again have a meaning.
Monty says: What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?

Harry says: lq
by malcom fergueson September 10, 2009
i like to claim invention to this one:
lq = laughing quietly
since no one ever really laughs out loud this is the new laughing term for iming, now lol means even funnier.
msnguy1: aim sucks!
msnguy2: lq
by the December 10, 2004

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