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"Dots per inch"

Used as a measurement on printer resolution.
I want this sheep of paper in 600 dpi.
by Seizaburo Yamada-san March 17, 2005
74 11
DPI: Display Name Inuendo

Used on MSN type messenger programs. When you are talking to someone you set your name to something that applies to the other person without telling them. 100% success rate at least.

See Example.
I Wish You Would Ask Me Out: (<--Your Display Name)
hey watsup?

Some Random Girl: (<---Their Display Name)
Err not much. wanna go out?

I Wish You Would Ask Me Out:
geez it works. i love DPI's.

Some RAndom Girl:
wats a DPI?
by Jared Mad Digger February 01, 2007
7 23
Stands for Damn Proud Independent.
Refers to a person, and usually relexive.
Background: First seen in a sci-fi book (Star Lord).
What does the DPI on your backpack stand for?
by CallmeDPI July 29, 2004
12 38