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Someone who likes take (munch) alot of bikkies,pills,especially over a short period of time. Ie a weekend, Dan had 8 pills starting on friday night and took his last on Sunday morning.
"Dan you're a total cookie monster"
by boredatwork March 14, 2007
a character on sesame street whos voice sounds like ja rule see ja rule
big bird: wat up ja rule i mean cookie monster

cookie monster: damn you big bird i am much better than that faggot ja rule
by the real don November 13, 2006
People addicted to money, people hustling to get money. People getting cookie money.
He got all that cookie just with the hustle, HE'S A COOKIE MONSTER !!
by the-stick-up-guy May 05, 2010
A person who goes totaly fan-girl/boy over anything David Cook related. (Winner of American Idol 2008) They call him "Cookie" due to his last name, "Cook" and know as much information on him as a phonebook knows about phone numbers. Will stand in line for ANYTHING David Cook related for about 5 hours (starting at midnight, no less), sleeping in a tent while listening to David Cook CD's they've already purchased and eating only Cerio's in their PJ's. Often found anoying.
Person one: Do you know if Renna's at school today?

Person two: Yeah. She's been in the restroom crying for the past three periods because she couldn't get David Cook tickets.

Person one: Wow, what a CookieMonster.
by DictionarySurfer April 15, 2009
A Crack Fiend ; referring to the character on Sesame Street who always needing his cookies.
A Cookie Monster / Fiend : A person who is hunched over , always scatchin their hands and elbows , usually have a low complexion , willing to do sexual acts or give food up for a hit of your crack
by Big_White_La_Flare November 18, 2009
A game played by males. The males form a circle and place a cookie in the middle. They then whip out their dicks and masturbate trying to squirt onto the cookie. Last one to hit the cookie has to eat it.
Haha how was that cookie you had to eat for losing in cookie monster?
by dat otha wite guy July 19, 2009
A fable character in the kids show "Sesame Street". Where his addiction of crack was substituted with cookies, he was former wanted criminal by the name of "Blue Hairy Balls" or his infamous one "The Cookie Raper". On his career as actor he was charged with assult when he struck Big Bird head with a sock full of quaters because he wanted his oreo cookies saying "ME WANTS HIS COOKIES".
Mom is in the kitchen.

Older kid: "Mom, why is Kenny crying

Mother: "Because KiKi hit his head with a toy for his cookies.

Older Kid: "Cookie Monster. No More Sesame Street for you".
by nyfinest17 April 13, 2009