A fable character in the kids show "Sesame Street". Where his addiction of crack was substituted with cookies, he was former wanted criminal by the name of "Blue Hairy Balls" or his infamous one "The Cookie Raper". On his career as actor he was charged with assult when he struck Big Bird head with a sock full of quaters because he wanted his oreo cookies saying "ME WANTS HIS COOKIES".
Mom is in the kitchen.

Older kid: "Mom, why is Kenny crying

Mother: "Because KiKi hit his head with a toy for his cookies.

Older Kid: "Cookie Monster. No More Sesame Street for you".
by nyfinest17 April 13, 2009
on a college campus, one who invites members of the opposite sex into his or her (usually her) dorm for sexual favors. When caught by an RA, the person will say they were eating cookies as an excuse.
That slut was such a cookie-monster.
by Angelo D'mysterioso July 16, 2008
Has to be the funniest guy i know, Been loving this little mister for two years, Lovable in every way possible. Best friend forever, Great at making people smile, always has something perverted to say. Picks on people, lol. Never picks up his phone. Says he'll call but never does. Nice!, If he has something to say he'll just down right say it, even if its mean and hurtful at least its the truth.
girl one: Woah! did you meet that new guy?
Girl two: Hell yeah, he was such a cookie monster!
Girl one: I know, I want him as my Best Friend<3
by elzzin ot eht j! January 08, 2010
the random guy that always brings cookies to school... and makes u envy the fact he didnt offer u any
"did u se j?" "yeah and he didnt even offer me a cookie" "wat a cookie monster"
by juvi d May 23, 2006
someone whom enjoy's giving oral sex to the female gender.
Personally i prefer eating pussy (or to be politically
correct licking vagina)damn good she-it). Much like a chicken head giving oral to a male, a cookie monster knows how to give a proper lick-job. It involes using your tongue and gently rubbing the clitoris to help the female achieve orgasm.
How a man skeets in a womans mouth, female when they cum liquid squirts from the clit area this means your doing a good job.
Eating pussy...carpet muncher...lickin' the clit...
If it smells like chicken keep on licking..but if it smells
like trout get the fuck out...Black folks say its only for
White folks, but we know they lick da snatch, chalk full
of nutrients that are good for you, like getting your
balls licked, skeeting on her,(she won't lick unless you
lick, of corse unless she's a trick). I'm a cookie monster
and damn proud...
by ToDDieTiCKLeS September 06, 2005
A girl who REALLY wants it. Cookiemonsters are primitive creatures that are found mainly in regions categorized by Suburban Jewopolisness. In many cases, Cookiemonsters will act violently when they are refused it.*

There are various ways of determining whether or not a girl is in fact a Cookiemonster. One of which is by simply observing their acts. Should a girl stand in the corner, straddling a filing cabinet, she is probably a HUGE Cookiemoster.

*The fact that Cookiemonsters want it does not at all require attractive rowers to give it to them.
1: That Cookiemonster wants to crumble.

2: Don't buy those clothes, that's what a Cookiemonster would wear.

3: Don't give it to that girl, she's a big Cookiemonster.
by Gwen Olaze March 11, 2008
A man takes a cookie into his mouth, and he inserts it into a woman's vagina. He bobs his head back and forth, inserting the cookie in and out of the vagina. The woman squirts breast milk onto the cookie and vagina to act as a lubricant. Once the vagina has the aroma of a cookie the man gives the cookie to the girl, and he proceeds to go cunnilingus on the woman. As the man is performing cunnilingus the woman puts her breast milk on the cookie and eats it like an oreo with milk. This can be performed on a woman's rectum as well.
Dude, this girl at the bakery had some big ass chocolate chip cookies, and I totally went Cookie Monster on her ass.
by Kenny Cummings April 08, 2008

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