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9 definitions by sickbeats

Pronunciation of the acronym for the criminal charge Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and Driving Under the Influence (DUII & DUI)
I can't believe that cop fingered me with a dewey last night even after I passed all the tests!
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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Someone who is in the business of selling thizz
I couldn't find any good shit so we'll see who's thizzbizzn at the club tonight.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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A person that is at a very high level of intoxication to the point of needing to close one eye to avoid double vision.

The pirate portion is in reference to a carefree demeanor, strong alcohol breath, and the use of only one eye as if they were wearing an eye patch.

I coined this term after meeting an individual in A.A. and discussing my use of one eye to be able to see while drunk. He mentioned that he always had an eyepatch hanging from his rear view mirror for just such an occasion!
I can't believe Frankie actually beat guts with that beezy that was rockin the pirate face.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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The act of taking a thizz by chewing it and smiling.
I just popped my thizz but I can't believe that crazy fool Beats just cookie-monstered his!
by sickbeats May 16, 2007
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Pronounced "macked"

Word used in reference to Ecstasy or Thizz and can be used in many fashions. It is in reference to the bay area rapper Mac Dre (t.i.p.) It can be used in reference of the drug itself or while rolling. It is important to use only if sure of the high purity of the drug. The thizz version of chronic

please also see gnarmact
Yayo and I are definetely gettin mact tonight before we hit the club.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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Pronounced: nar-macked

Mact of very poor quality that is cut with adulterants or is sketchy looking.
I can't believe this shit! I been gnarmact for days now and I can't sleep. I'm never poppin those bunk ass meth-thizz again!
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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The act of being intoxicated or otherwise inebriated to the point of being pirate faced making the individual unable to drive or walk in a straight line.

Driving while not focusing on the road and swerving around
Past Tense
Damn I can't believe Lil Mike got a dewey last night. I guess he got his swerve on after he left the bar.
by sickbeats May 17, 2007
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