See Ja Rule.
Ya sing for hoes and ya sound like the Cookie Monster
by G-Union May 06, 2003
This is the result of large breasted women who's nipples appear to be loaded into a bra with either one or both in the non forward facing position. The effect resembles the googly eyes of the muppet character Cookie Monster.
Dave "This girl is making me cross eyed"
John " Yeah, she's got cookie monster real bad"
by sparky347 July 24, 2011
Someone who likes take (munch) alot of bikkies,pills,especially over a short period of time. Ie a weekend, Dan had 8 pills starting on friday night and took his last on Sunday morning.
"Dan you're a total cookie monster"
by boredatwork March 14, 2007
The most aggressive form of eating. (Verb)

1. To demolish any type of edible item in an enthusiastic and violent fashion.

2. Displaying the utmost excitement and appetite for any form of sexual activity.
"When those cookies are finished baking, I'm going to cookie monster that shit!"

"I'm so hungry, I could cookie monster a horse!"

"Dude, that chick is so hot, I want to cookie monster her ass!"

"Her pussy was so sweet, I cookie monstered it for hours."
by knight_sliver August 10, 2014
A reverse Snuffalouphagous
"Yeah she's cute, but her shit stinks."

"What? How do you know?"

"I gave her a Cookie Monster last night"
by bfunk_brian April 06, 2009
What 50 Cent used to dis Ja Rule with.
50 Cent: you sing for hoes and sound like the cookie monster!
by Angelacia May 23, 2007
A crazy easy to love person who is hallariouse and easy to get alone with xD
Wow that guy is suck a Cookiemonster
by whitneysporty9 March 11, 2011
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