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someone whom enjoy's giving oral sex to the female gender.
Personally i prefer eating pussy (or to be politically
correct licking vagina)damn good she-it). Much like a chicken head giving oral to a male, a cookie monster knows how to give a proper lick-job. It involes using your tongue and gently rubbing the clitoris to help the female achieve orgasm.
How a man skeets in a womans mouth, female when they cum liquid squirts from the clit area this means your doing a good job.
Eating pussy...carpet muncher...lickin' the clit...
If it smells like chicken keep on licking..but if it smells
like trout get the fuck out...Black folks say its only for
White folks, but we know they lick da snatch, chalk full
of nutrients that are good for you, like getting your
balls licked, skeeting on her,(she won't lick unless you
lick, of corse unless she's a trick). I'm a cookie monster
and damn proud...
by ToDDieTiCKLeS September 06, 2005
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