When a man becomes so enraged when practicing oral sex on a woman, he screams "COOKIES!" and proceeds to attack and bite the vagina repeatedly, all while muttering "Om nom nom nom nom"
Last night, Dan went all Cookie Monster on my pussy!
by NickTesla May 24, 2010
a person who checks the cookies on other peoples computers in the hope of finding out something about their sexual habits
Dude 1: "Hey can I check out Facebook on your laptop?"
Dude 2: (passes laptop)"Sure, here you are..."
Dude 1: (turns screen slightly away from friend) "Thanks, won't be a moment"
Dude 2: "Hey, what are you doing? That's not Facebook...are you snooping on me? You goddamn frickin' cookie monster."
by fieldingmellish April 25, 2009
Someone who likes take (munch) alot of bikkies,pills,ecstasy especially over a short period of time. Ie a weekend, Tom had 8 pills starting on friday night and took his last on Sunday morning.
"Tom you're a total cookie monster"
by feefifo March 13, 2007
Blue furry puppet from the childrens show Sesame street known for eating cookies. Also used to describe the lack of vocal talent ie. Ja Rule, DMX,
Why does MTV promote Cookie monster artists like Ja Rule.
by Bigdickylewis November 03, 2003
adjective - Describing a vocal style common in heavy modern rock bands, where the singer employs a low, throaty voice that is reminiscent of the well-known muppet character.

noun - a singer/vocalist who employs this vocal technique.
Man, I hate all of those cookie-monster bands.
by secretdonkey June 20, 2003
The furry blue monster who eats large amounts of cookies on children's TV.
The cookie monster better quit eating too many cookies, or else he's gonna be obese.
by CanDA19 June 15, 2006
a cookie moster is a person who smokes crack cocaine
Fred turns into a cookie monster when he has any money to spend.
by J. N. Ayash December 18, 2005

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