The most ridiculous movie in the world to watch high. No, not Clifford the big red dog. Clifford with Martin Short. You will laugh your ass off at this movie. If your attention wanders for a few minuted, some crazy shit will happen and pull you back in. Trust me.
A: Bro have you ever seen Clifford with Martin Short?

B: Na man is it good?

A: Bro get the bong out. Were watching Clifford
by Knowledgeable1! November 24, 2009
A big red dog or a last name. Any "clifford" as a last name is rather a big ass drugie or a freakin whore. Either one but its true, or it can be the name to the character on the tv show, either one.
Is that a clifford?!

-what a whore!
by notaclifford April 22, 2011
Clifford is a painting the consists of red shades only.
That's a beautiful clifford painting.
by Clifford Ruprect August 13, 2006
When your ho is having her period and your salt about not being able to fuck, so you send her outside naked, on all fours to get the paper with her mouth. And while shes outside you beat off, and when she comes in you take the paper and bust in her mouth. Then while shes panting and slobbering you pat her head and say good dog Clifford.
Most guys hate when its that time of month for their ho, but Marquis always looks forward to it cause he knows what that means: Clifford Time!!
by Charlie Tillie October 09, 2007
A douche bag that occasionally migrates to california to live with his boyfriend (homosexual lover), who is in the navy and shoots white navy-gravy (semen) into the anus's of young seamen. (adj.)
Cody: "Hey check out that small seaman in his all white seaman suit!"
Garison: "Ew that? That's just another clifford."
by douchanonymous June 30, 2008

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