CKY (short for Camp Kill Yourself) is comprised of members Deron Miller (vocals, guitar), Chad Ginsburg (guitar), Vern Zaborowski (bass), and Jess Margera (drums). Originally hailing from West Chester, PA, the roots of CKY stretch back to 1994, when friends Miller and Margera formed the group Foreign Objects -- issuing the EP The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors on the Distant Recordings label a year later. By 1996, the group had changed its name to Camp Kill Yourself, while demos were recorded and the other members fell into place. CKY caught a brake when Jess Margera had his brother pro skater and Jackass star Bam Margera feature them on the CKY videos. From there their music was featured on the hit MTV show Jackass. CKY Vol. 1 and 2 were released in 1999 as soundtracks to their videos. Later on in 2001 they were reissued. In 2002 the band recorded the successful Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild. album. They have appeared in the 2000 Warped Tour and even tried to get their msuic out by going on Axl Rose's attempt at a Guns N' Roses comeback. But that just blew up. In 2005 they came back to record and release An Answer Can Be Found. Minus Vern Zaborowski of course. But even without the bassist they sound better than ever. On a side note CKY played the band Gnar Kill in Bam Margera's movie Haggard.
CKY is one of the most successful indie bands ever.
by RazorbladeKiss810 June 11, 2006
A.K.A. See-Kay-Why. Band consisting of Deron Miller, Chad Ginsburg, Vern Zaborowski, and Jess Margera. Started in Pennsylvania with Jess and Deron, who called their band "Oil". Changed their name to "Foreign Objects" in 1998, and then, after meeting Chad Ginsburg, called themselves CKY. Bam Margera, Jess' brother, decided to name his skate/stunt videos after the band.
Albums include CKY Vol. 1, CKY Vol. 2, and CKY: Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild.
by EJL May 02, 2004
1. A kickass metal band.
2. A series of videos staring the band's drummer's brother, that included insane/comical stunts.

Note: CKY stands for "Camp Kill Yourself"
CKY is a kickass band and movie.
by combat_rock November 08, 2003
Kickass band with good vocabulary and awesome music. Throw away your Good Charlotte, listen to CKY!!!
I-D-R is a great CKY album. Buy it now.
by thesingingbutler December 24, 2004
Most original band you will hear today
Wow too bad no other band evn competes with CKY
by Max October 25, 2003
I agree with brad, best band ever.

They brought a new style of music, their own sound, and for that, they have my respect.

by oh yah September 19, 2003
cKy are also 4 movies started being made around 1999 with Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, and more. It started Jackass, and about half the stuff you saw on the Jackass TV Series was pulled from one of the cKy videos.
Camp Kill Yourself is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen.
by Brandon February 19, 2005
The most KICKASS fuckin band you will ever hear!
listen to cky
by Trevor October 20, 2003

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