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The opposite of chikan. A female train pervert of Japan.
That chijo just grabbed that guys ass.
by Tony666 April 20, 2009
The act of opening a whole six pack of whoop ass instead of merely a can.
I'm gonna open a whole six pack of whoop ass on you, you little punk.
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
A first nations (Indian, native American) pussy.
Hey whiteboy, ever ride a moosemeat canoe?
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
An old WWII era term for a person of Japanese descent.
Man to Mr. Miyagi: KINDRY remove it yourself, Mr. Moto (makes goofy face with toothy smile).

Mr Miyagi: YAAAAHHH (breaks tops of beer bottles with a chop, leaving the bottles-minus long necks- standing)
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
A game played by the British Army where one man drops his trousers and spreads his ass checks while the other places his cock length wise between his mate's ass checks. The man who spread his ass cheeks was the bun and the man who placed his cock between the ass checks was the hotdog or man-dog. The Brit soldiers tell soldiers of other nations that the game of man-dog is "totally not gay and you just don't understand because you are US/Canadian/Aussie etc".
Oy, Phiwip? Ow bout ah game af man-dog?
by Tony666 December 13, 2012
A person who is not merely an asshole, but much much worse.
Oh yeah, I know Kevin, and I think he is a walking rectum.
by Tony666 February 17, 2008
A British Soldier. British soldiers are treated so horribly that they can be said to eat shit daily. They are treated like scum, lower than dogs.
Did you see the way the shiteaters were drinking last night? I don't know how they can still march this morning.
by Tony666 December 13, 2012

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