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CFU refers to a C-Level executive like a CEO, CFO, or COO that is Completely Fucking Useless.
Our Director of Sales would make a great CFU.
by E.A.T September 23, 2005
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Short for Chromosome Fuck Up. Used to describe someone with a weird face or body as a result of the unfortunate genes in their family..
"Check out that guys nose over there!"
"Oh god! major CFU"
by freaaaakayyy. March 03, 2012
Compulsive Facebook Updater:

someone who updates their facebook status more than 5 times a day;

feeling the need to inform everyone of everything you're doing,feeling and/or thinking about
wow you're such a CFU , no one really cares that you're doing the dishes.
by 3sixty March 10, 2009
cuff, fuck, uncuff
Damn, I just wanna CFU that sexy Italian boy
by R and M January 04, 2011

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