Cruising For Sluts. Patrolling retail areas (shopping centres, malls) by car or on foot looking for nubile specimens of the female species.
Person A: What are we going to do for lunch today?
Person B: How about CFS down in the mall?
Person A: Sounds good to me!
by $peedster July 24, 2005
Top Definition
Covered Full Service
by Aymara September 24, 2003
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
He's disabled, with CFS.
by Hyphenator May 02, 2004
Can't Find Shit! Use this to describe your frustration when you can't find something you are looking for.
Could someone help me? I have looked everywhere and I CFS!
by sistafeed November 08, 2007
Common Fucking Sense
Something certain people don't have.....

Especially if they are naive about a lot of things. Also maturity is a factor in obtaining CFS.

Moving to somewhere that's a half hour from your current job...

Not doing that is just Common Fucking Sense
by Avatarctica July 02, 2009
The C.F.S. is rumored to be a group of people trying to establish a new world order. Some of the more notable members I've heard rumors about are The General, a former soviet general, The Black Wind, a Spec. Ops agent who dons a black mask and all black clothing, and the Emperor (I've heard him be refered to as M, which may be short for Mastermind or something). The intention is to establish a new goverment that will rise up and create world peace. These are just rumors though.
A new form of goverment is what the C.F.S. is. Unlike Communism, it does not wish to create revolutions and insurgencies, but rather allow people to choose it.
by Irving Conrad April 29, 2011
People who fuck their 1st cousins.
We are a very loving family, we are CF's!
by mackmaster January 13, 2005
Can't Fix Stupid
CFS. Please complete the task for them.
by Drayvock September 28, 2010
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