Acronym for out of the way gathering place, known for bowling greens excentric Fanta drinkers and live balcony shows during word cup qualifiers
<Person A> What the hell, shall we CCL?
<Person B> Word'em up, pack the truck!!
<Person C> Can I come?
<Person D> No
by fibba October 22, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym for "couldn't care less". Describes an issue that is so unimportant that it is not worth pursuing or discussing further; see whatever.
John: This is a bug.
Harriet: No, it's a feature. I can explain to you for three hours why it's like that.
John: CCL. Whatever.
by Ron April 10, 2003
Acronym for Crazy Cat Lady. Refers to a person who wears cat embroidered sweaters and colored clogs, loves cat paraphernalia, owns several cats and/or treats their adopted pets as anthropomorphized children, often to the point that the cat is the center of their life. CCL often appears on the popular blog Cute with Chris, by Chris Leavins.
That lonely CCL just came in to develop 300 photos of her 9 cats.

He totally knitted matching sweaters for himself and Bootsie. I'm surprised he didn't make the yarn out of the cat hair he's always covered in. What a CCL.
by atl7764 March 13, 2010
couldn't care less
There are so many schools of thought about healthy eating that many have reached the ccl mark
by amiT June 03, 2015
Crazy Cock Lover
Easy Eric M is a CCL because of his infatuation with HBO.
by KLEPTO June 06, 2003
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