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a way of calling someone a crazy crack whore
ugh that girl is such a CCH!
by lepricon August 25, 2007
School in Miami that is more fucking awesome than Belen...I dont recall Belen making top 50 High Schools in Miami do I? We arent fucking fags like the Belen guys. If they think we all suck than they can kiss our asses.
CCHS is hands hands down best school in Miami.
by Mike April 25, 2005
school of pimps where we hate belen pussys and learn how to get girls
cchs owns belen in every aspect of life
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
known as Christopher Columbus High School.. i call them the gay explorers cause they are. Those guys swear that they have money and they have all the girls.. dating a chonga is not something you should brag about. Columbus is a fake prep school wear all the kids that can't afford a real prep school go here to eat shit all day. That school is filled with crack-heads and guys that swear they are ghetto. Most of the freshman get expelled by the first month by having crack on campus. Four years in that school is pointless
CCHS is the worst school for a decent guy to go to!
by boBcAt123556 April 15, 2005
A school in San Diego otherwise refferd to as Cathedral Catholic High School filled with the most faggy guys and ugly slutty preppy girls. All in which wish they went to OLP or Saints. In order to go there u MUST not be able to say the alphabet and cannot spend a day without spending more than $1,000 on "Daddy's credit card"
Damn that girl has a stick so far up her ass she must be from CCHS.

Look at that CCHS guy, can u say frat boy!!!

Wow that girl obviously is soo far out of my league there is nooo way she goes to CCHS, probally OLP.

WOW! What a shock that CCHS lost to Saints again must suck to be beat for the last 80 years.
by The girl next store August 23, 2008