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Substance that kids use to increase the level of fun and naked women. Also used to get women in bed and have crazy sex all night. one of man's greatest inventions.
At the party last night, we drank so much liquor that i have sex with 3 women and i didnt even know their names.
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
1. fucking pimps who get all the girls 2. own belen kids
3. just plain out rok
columbus guys will beat the shit out of belen guys
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
school of pimps where we hate belen pussys and learn how to get girls
cchs owns belen in every aspect of life
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
pussy ass school in miami where the kids think they are hardcore and like cock in their asses and get owned up by cchs guys
Damn, that columbus kid just took a shit on that belen kids face! thats awesome
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
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