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2 definitions by lalalalalalalallalala

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
(its a catholic thing) or "Religious Education"..young people of the catholic church learn about the bible and the catholic church and stuff..like sunday school..it can be on sundays or wednesdays
so what are you doin wednesday night?
oh i hav to go to CCD..
Oh..okie dokie..
by lalalalalalalallalala May 01, 2005
ha...so many fuckin forms of emo..just heard about this..forgot what it was.. somethin about pop and emo or somethin..
"hey man..im bored... im gonna make up a new word"
"uh..ok man..w/e"
"i got it!!..DREEMO!"
"its pop AND emo!"
"whatever queer"
by lalalalalalalallalala April 02, 2005