Compulsive-Complaining Disorder

This is a disease that usually occurs at the age of 15 or 16, especially in the UK during GCSEs. There is no known cure but it usually dies down a bit after that period of time.

However, there are some people who are born with this disease and live their whole life suffering from it. It is, unfortunately, hereditary.

Symptoms include: "FML", more swearing than usual, becoming maniacally depressed at writing with a blue biro, banging head on table, banging head on wall, banging head on any available surface, napping in the afternoon, napping in class, staying up very late in the evenings.
Teen 1: "...and then the homework is in for tomorrow and she hasn't taught us it and there's the coursework and that is fucked up and then..."

Teen 2: "Wow, he's got a bad case of CCD"


Person 1: *banging head against wall* FML. FML. FML.

Person 2: What's wrong?


Person 3: I'd leave her alone, she has CCD

Person 2: *comprehension dawning* oooh
by CCDsufferer March 31, 2010
Top Definition
Cock Craving Disorder is a disease that affects most women in there teens to there early 20's.
When Megan walked past Ian she suddenly caught CCD and ripped his pants off and went to town on his cock.
by GetItAtSams February 28, 2010
Cock Craving Disorder. Made popular by the film "Cop Out".
Dave: Maybe your wife suffers from that CCD disorder I saw on the news.

Paul Hodges: What's CCD?

Dave: Cock craving disorder! It's where they crave the cock! Any cock! Every cock!
by ExQlusive August 14, 2010
The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
(its a catholic thing) or "Religious Education"..young people of the catholic church learn about the bible and the catholic church and sunday can be on sundays or wednesdays
so what are you doin wednesday night?
oh i hav to go to CCD..
Oh..okie dokie..
by lalalalalalalallalala May 01, 2005
Corruption of the cliques When you are friends with someone and they stab you in the back over a clique or a group of popular kids. They choose that (material things) over your friendship.
OMFG, that bitch just CC'd me.... Now ima get back at her. and her band of bitches.
by haveyouheard14 April 06, 2011
The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine or aka the most boring/waste of a time class you will sit through all week long. Usually on Wednesday nights, class sizes range anywhere from 2-24, can get quite rowdy, and the teachers scream. A lot. Windows may be broken. There are better ways to spend a Wednesday night then with a class of your peers, learning absolutely nothing.
Bob- What are you doing Wednesday night?
Joe- Gunna go waste my time and watch my peers break windows...
Bob- So you're going to CCD...
by Mars Penguins March 23, 2011
Cock Craving Disorder is a disease that affects most women in there teens to there early 20's. (Also drunk women)
she is so drunk she wants it bad tonight she's got the ccd
by ccd123 August 19, 2010
C.C.D, a.k.a Cock Craving Disorder, is a deadly disease when someone craves the dick. They get so much semen in their system their body cant handle it and then explodes.
Melissa, hows your C.C.D coming along?
I just donated 20$ to the C.C.D foundation.
by its ya boi April 28, 2011
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