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Raped, Screwed, used to convey a situation where someone has been Butt Fucked beyond belief. Originating from the educational institution in California with the same name renowned for providing horrible education at exorbitant prices. Pronounced "Sea-Boo".
"I'm in the hole 40 grand for my education and I can't get a job anywhere, my college CBU'd me in the ass."

by JohnDoe92506 April 23, 2006
CBU (aka Cum Build Up) is a condition that occurs in the male species and is characterized by the bitchy-ness a man will radiate when he hasn't had sex for an extended period of time.
person 1: Why is Ted being such a dick?

person 2: He's got CBU.

person 1: Oh.
by Rev. Danny Boy September 25, 2007
A elite team made up of several people dedicated to prevent the world from M.B.D.
The C.B.U. was established to prevent the world from MBD
by gomets61 March 27, 2007