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aka 'the bus' A city in the middle of the flat cornfields of central Ohio better known as Columbus. Known for its diversity and cowtown past, it is an urban oasis in the middle of a conservative stronghold state. There's a decent football team playing there too.
Dude #1: Whudup boy, you in The Field?

Dude #2: Nah man, I rolled back down to Cbus.
by snomanZP June 23, 2006
To have sex while one's penis is flaccid. Often times one will end up "soft servin" some girl after a night of libations and devil dancin.
Guy: How'd you like that shit I served up to you last night, girl? Good, innit?

Girl: Man fuck you, you were soft servin me for like an hour and a half, and then you passed out on top me.
by snomanZP June 23, 2006
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