an acronym for Cock Block Killas, usually used to get someone to intercept a females friend or family member from cock blocking at a party or function
Me: aye look natalie is drunk off her ass and about to go give peter some dome in the hot tub...kudos


Me: No-e go CBK on that beezy before its to late
by jakthaRIPa September 18, 2009
Cock Blocking; Act of blocking a mans objective to obtaining pussy from a girl.
Smurf trys to mack on Terri. Stix comes in and hands Smurf the phone saying "Here's your girlfriend"
by Stixorz January 07, 2004
crazy blood killers started by lilT and bigB in springfeild oregon cause the bloods would not leave them alone
we kill bloods 4fun
CbK 4life
by lilT and bigB August 30, 2007
(C.B.K)means cold,blooded,killas
look at them c.b.K 's!
by terresa January 25, 2006
An acronym meaning a Chinese Black Kid.
man 1: Yo, you see that cbk hit a hole in one?
man 2: Yeh he is nice with it.
by double digits 70 March 31, 2009
a team of paintball players from the dallas area who smash faces, cold blooded killers
holy crap CBK ended the game in 2 seconds!
by wraith k1ller June 03, 2009
The act of blocking ones chicken (also known as a cock) from ones farmer.

See also:
CBKed - Cockblocked
CBKing - Cockblocking
Farmer Jones CBKed the hen from Farmer Henry thus delaying the process in which he produced eggs.
by Toejam January 12, 2004

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