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Crazy Ass White Boys - a group in the LA area known to out last any other LA gang. Generally not violent but will act with extreme ferocity if assaulted. Normaly will only act in defense but has been known to assault Armenians on a regular basis. The founders of the notorious group consisted of the ones called William "Krack"; Brandon "Jackass"; and Haley "Press". They originally attended Burbank High but have since joined and completed terms of service in the USMC. Later additions to the group included Danny "Dime-bag"; Shane "Shoundoug"; Michael; and Ty "Psycho" . All the original members have since been placed in the drill instuctor level of the USMC and regularly return to their home turf surrounding LA.
Holy crap the CAWB are coming lets get the fuck outa here!
by Krack51 October 24, 2007
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Acronym: "Candy-Assed White Boy"

Generally a derogatory slur used to refer to young white males that try to act ghetto, but aren't really down, especially preppies that turn wigger after a couple of drinks. Common West Coast (esp. San Francisco) street and law-enforcement slang.
English: "They're acting tough, but they're just a bunch of CAWBs."

Ebonic: "That whitebread CAWB bes jus step up out mah face 'fo he get tossed."

by HttpDee June 29, 2006

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