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Chasis code for the popular Nissan RWD platform JDM model Silvia and the USDM model 240SX. Popular among circuit and drift racers for their balance and exhilirating performance.
A favorite among Japanese drifters over the S13 coupe and fastback.94.5-96 for the Zenki model.97-98 for the Kouki model.(note: Model years for the U.S version.)

The S14 was built and manufactured in japan.

My S14 is breathtaking in the circuit.

by Nissan USA June 06, 2006
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Home of the S14 CRU. The propor Gleadless Gangsta'z of Sheffield. UK
Sum Pussy Boi 1: Oh look lets jack these guyz.
Sum Pussy Boi 2: Shit man its S14 RUN!!!!
s14 cru: kills evry1
by = Gleadless Gangsta = February 06, 2006

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