the one and only "cold activated can" (aka CAC) from the makers of the delicious Coors Light.
Nothing feels better on a hot summers day than having a CAC between your lips.

Hey, j-money, can you chill my CAC under that umbrella for a bit?

Sure, I'd love an ice cold CAC.
by heartmeows June 29, 2010
A cac is a turd who is whack. Some know cacs as those turds who murf bowls. Cac can be a noun or an adjective. Being known as cac or a cac is a great disgrace.
Noun: You're a cac
Adjective: You're cac
by Brown Nosed Mud Dove October 28, 2009
Another way to say "cock."
Shaddup, ya fuckin cac!
by poop February 12, 2003
A weird way of saying cum
Ahh ... I hate hotels ... never know who cacs around in here....
by An2 November 27, 2006
A mom who won't do anything with you for fun because it costs too much to do that, so instead you clean the house while they steal from your wallet; that is a good example of a cac.

Josh sandoval is a gay whore
Zack hammond is a craggely prostitute
both are good examples of cacs
"Fake names"
by ryuddo69 May 29, 2006
A vietnamese slang for the cock
beat watch out foo before i cac slap you!
by VingoVango July 31, 2003
cac is a Vietnamese word meaning fuck, not cock or anything else that sounds like it.
An example will not make sense unless it is in Vietnamese.
Cac to cha may.

Fuck your father's ancestors.
by yoda April 20, 2005

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