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A room within Kirkland House at Harvard University.
During Session II of Harvard SSP 2008, the room became a legend.
It all started with "Never Have I Ever" and "Truth-or-Dare" but suddenly turned into "Dare-or-Sodemy"
Many things happened, including:
-Mass Orgies
-Gay/Lesbian Sexual Activities
-Scissor Sex
-Guys in Bras
-Sploshing a personal favorite of one of the tenants
-Eating Out
-Pole dances
-Lap dances
-Christina bear and Sara bear getting it on

There is also a store that has opened in C21, complete with:
-Back cracker
-Hickey artist
-Sex Kitten
-Someone that just does EVERYTHING
-Owner of Keith Fucking Moon
-Someone who has retained their dignity

C21 can also be used as a verb...usually applies to anything sexual.
a) "Man, we're gonna' have an orgy in C21 tonight!"
b) "I saw one of those C21ers walking down the street, and I remember he was wearing a bra the other night."

a) "I totally C21ed last night, it was hot."
by C21ers August 21, 2008
Twenty first Century
‘as the C21 draws on, water, for example, will join oil as a very precious commodity'
by katkrimar July 30, 2009

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