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The sound made by a Dong Gong. The use of Bwong is appropriate when another person makes a comment that, if taken out of context could be referring to male genitalia or the act of using male genitalia in a sexual way.

Official spelling is BWONG!.
Person 1: Does anyone have a small attachment I could send this guy?

Person 2: BWONG!
Everybody: *laughter*
by Alert Sausage August 05, 2009
1. An asain baller.
2. A defective asain who can not play basketball.
3. One who wears tight pants and has reduced his dumplings to the size of peas.
"Yo you see Nikhil he's turning into such a B-wong."
by whatascandel February 15, 2009
A slang term for a person or thing with Asian roots. Used as a substitute descriptor, sometimes with a negative connotation, but more often not. Probably can be traced to a gong sound, which in humor is often associated with Asian themes.
Hey, are you buys interested in some bwong for dinner? Hey, I can't believe Julie is dating a bwong, she usually dates Italians! Did you see that car, it's gotta be bwong, now way GM made that!
by Some Guy 123321 September 15, 2010
A cool person; Specifically 2 special people.
"Hoi Bwong!"
"LOL Bwong"
by Bwong February 27, 2004
Male's statement of sexual intimacy
Thtop it with the bwong thilly
by ;) December 16, 2003

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