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When 2 gay men are having sex, and the one on the receiving end farts
"Omg, so we were doing it last night, and I totally bweefed!"
by Ashypoo6928 February 10, 2009
When two sweaty bodies make a fart noise during sex, with the offending sound emanating from the chest region.
While I was having sex with Sam, we totally bweefed on each other.
by Shyurii November 12, 2010
Similar to that of a queef,but in this case it is the act of a male queefing out of his penis.
Ah dude I never thought it was possible but I ate a bunch of beans earlier and I totally bweefed.
by Tommy Buns 654 May 22, 2013
When you have to take a shit but you can't, so you suck it back up and your stomach makes a weird noise.
Oh shit! What that a bweef I just heard?
by colleen ftw January 29, 2009
same as a quief, or a qweef. a fart from a vagina. accept this one comes out of the butt
She was lying down and made a loud bweef.
by rollins_usmc June 17, 2008
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