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when your high is wearing off but you still feel kind of high.
Yo, i smoked a bowl about five hours ago, but now im buzzin.
by 69ersbitch December 11, 2008
wen sum1 is hyper or r drunk
ur buzzin' bruv
u bin drinkin init
by ren123 August 21, 2007
really happy or excited for something
stacey: hey, i herd tom hugged you!!
claire: yeah i'm soooo buzzin
by buzzin for love October 18, 2009
Yo Nick is my buzzin we gon be friends forever.
by hoodfamous718 December 01, 2009
When you feel hyper
It was sooo good! I'm buzzin!
by CSM August 19, 2003
to be super busy (as in a group)
the editing department is buzzin today
by vrej khanzadian June 04, 2005
when you have been smoking skunk, this describes the state you are in.
he is well buzzin !!!
by fiona May 12, 2003