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to be really happy or slang for when someone is on something i.e pills, speed
boy: aww bless her shes well buzzin after reading that valentines card!!

girl: lok at him hes well buzzin!

boy: no shit hes on 5 pills!
by xxwhiteyxx April 23, 2006
a strong whisky
also known as 'jd'
bartender = wot can i get ya

punter = yeh il hav a jackdaniels n coke please bartender
by xxwhiteyxx April 06, 2006
to squeeze something
' lets have a squitsy on ya jeb end '
by xxwhiteyxx April 06, 2006
refering to some whos stupid or does something stupid
' katy ya fukin clegg head '
by xxwhiteyxx April 06, 2006
Place in West Yorkshire far worse than keighley
Full of asians and indians, take aways, chavs, cheap shops, dealers, scratters etc
'man ive seen less asians in bradford!'
by xxwhiteyxx April 04, 2006
slang for dance, mixes, trance etc originally fom niche allnighter club in sheffield uk (pronounced neesh)

wigan pier
' yo yo get that niche cranked up'
' put a niche cd on'
' lets go buy listen to sum niche'
by xxwhiteyxx April 23, 2006

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