when a guy squanders an obvious oppurtunity to score because he's such a pansy
kappers had this hot girl all horny in his bed, but he butterflied the chance away. what a pussy.
by matt paluta April 24, 2005
Top Definition
Slowly inserting your penis into a woman's anal cavity all the way until your penis disappears. With a quick, swift motion, you pull your penis out AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and the woman's butthole comes out a bit, resembling a butterfly
As i got my anal fuck on, my girls dad walked in resulting in my girl's butthole getting butterflied
by BusterxCherry August 23, 2010
When a really horny guy eats a girls pussy
last night i took that hot girl from 11th street and butterflied her good.
by hannah June 14, 2006
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