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Something quite humorous and amusing.
"Man, these letters to Santa are real butt-nutters!" --Philip J. Fry, protagonist of Futurama.
by PacificJohnny May 09, 2005
A person who can only ejaculate in the butt of another.
Johnny liked Sheryl a lot but unfortunately he was a butt nutter Sheryl's butthole had been removed after the farm accident.

It was convienent that Jack was a butt nutter since he was also gay.
by Coachy November 08, 2006

A person who sucks a straw full of peanut butter slam smoothy then inserts the straw in their partners ass and blows.
Jason you are being such a butt nutter.
by Lavaterranova August 28, 2009
a buttnutter is some1 who is afraid of real sex so they dry hump
shut tha hell up ya f*ckin buttnutter
by Sandman January 18, 2005
when you stick your balls up a girl's asshole
"I stuck my balls in Sharlene's ass last night. I was really craving a sandwich, too. A butt nutter sandwich. Oh!!"
by trevor lahey corey October 27, 2006

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