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banging a chick that's on her period.
When the ancient warriors "went into battle" many where slaughtered or came out covered in blood. Hense the term "going into battle".
Her - No, not tonight Aunt Flow is visiting...
Him - well then I guess I'll be going into Battle then baby!!!
by Sandman May 14, 2003
One who is extremely tan or brown, usually a Mexican-American who is just more brown than the others. Derived from the spanish word "caca" which literally means shit.
Dude look at cacas run, he's just a big brown blur.
by Sandman March 04, 2005
sum one that cunt skate fo thurr life n where the shirts n shoes even tho they never been on a board in thurr l9ife
avirl lavingen
by sandman June 30, 2003
pasttense of bit/bitten
a spider bited me
i have been bited by a spider
by Sandman April 26, 2005
urban street mafia, derived in the streets of Los Angeles, Alhambra, California, and St. Louis, Missouri, Killah meaning "fuck wit me, i'll kill you" and gorillah meaning "strong in the heart, body, and mind". they crazy mutha fuckas
thug 1: who dem niggaz over there?
thug 2: they some killah gorillahz, hard ass money makin niggaz
thug 3: oh them niggaz from killah gorillah got mixed mutha fuckas blk, brownz, domicians, haitans, costa ricans, puerto rican, no whiteboys.
by Sandman November 06, 2004
a buttnutter is some1 who is afraid of real sex so they dry hump
shut tha hell up ya f*ckin buttnutter
by Sandman January 18, 2005
Ktulu has a very sharp wit.

He very perceptibly picked up on my fetish of using herds of sheep for personal pleasure, in a manner which might get me arrested. He has done his best to rid me of my addiction through relentless piss taking.


He hasn't got there yet!
"Did you start that sheep shaggin' rumour Ktulu?"

"Ofcourse not Sandman"
by Sandman September 08, 2003
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