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A little retard who annoys people for no f'en reason
Guy1:hey guys wanna hear a joke? Group:sure Guy1:well no (laughs to himself while leaves) Group:what a buttnugget
by Privacypolicy44 February 19, 2010
5 6
1.A nugget hanging from one's buttock that they happened to have missed when using the toilet paper.

2. also used as an insult
"John, you're such a buttnugget!"

"Ew. You have a buttnugget leftover from when you went to the bathroom, dude."
by gorgolflagnag & the wumpster February 13, 2010
2 3
shit that comes out of the ass in small, often round pieces
When I tried to shit this morning, all I got was buttnuggets; the shit came out in small pieces.
by amaurbanexpert September 05, 2008
0 1
Little pieces of shit shaped like nuggets from your asshole!
Damn dude! I gotta leave a butt nugget in the shitter! or It smells like butt nuggets on the school bus!
by John T February 02, 2005
6 7
1.A small, hard piece of sand, dirt, food,and or lint stuck on the side of the inner buttcheek.similar to a Dingleberry, but more harder of a substance, potntial to draw blood. 2.a stupid, ignorant runt of a person.3.a moron of miniscule importance
stupid ass twerp! fucking buttnuggett!!
by crazy68 August 11, 2009
3 5
Another way of calling someone crap or turd or piece of shit
"Hey Butt Nugget! Way to cut your dick off with a butter knife!!!"
by Osko November 13, 2006
3 5
A person that is nothing more than a little pile of shit. Such a small person that he isn't even a pile at all, but just a nugget.
Fuck you you fucking buttnugget dick sucker.
by buttnugget January 31, 2004
18 20