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we used to call them "dingleberries" when I was young, which is a long time ago
Viewing pornographic pictures may reveal a lot of occurrances of dingleberries, especially on men, since they don't wash their asses properly.
by John Cassavetes February 05, 2005
Poop, assgrapes, shit
Excuse me chaps, I just need to go lay a BUTT NUGGET.
by Meat January 27, 2003
Simply means Garrett.
"You're such a butt nugget, Garrett."
by Elliboo November 30, 2011
A nugget of poo from the butt. usually brown. Sometimes red. Mostly found in mexico and africa.
Ew that new kid, tyler looks like a butt nugget.

Be quiet Sabrina, your such a butt nugget.
by plunesance3082MSD June 12, 2011
a turd, usually droppped by boys playing in the woods, tro mark territoroy as part of playing a gameew butt nuggets
Randy: i need somebody to help me leave a few butt nuggets to mark our turf.
Scott:okay, i'll help. i just had tacos for lunch
Randy: awesome, dude!
by t045t April 27, 2011
We went outside and saw the cat's butt nuggets all over the place.
by WingedKid January 11, 2011
Where someone has violent anal sex normaly someone called steve involved
Awwwww thats one hell of a butt nugget (anal)(steve)(lunge)(bradley)(business)
by Razor Vag363 May 10, 2010