Little pieces of shit shaped like nuggets from your asshole!
Damn dude! I gotta leave a butt nugget in the shitter! or It smells like butt nuggets on the school bus!
by John T February 02, 2005
Not to be confused with a dingleberry...A butt nugget is a ball of dried feces attatched to the inner pubic hairs of the rectum, between the cheeks. Mainly caused by poor wiping or none at all, the nugget is formed (unlike a dingleberry) post wiping by the chafing of the butt cheeks, causing the poop to be rolled and formed around the pubes and then dried and hardenned. (see dingleberry to fully understand the difference and the truth behind this often debated, wonderous anal phenomenon)
I took a drunk shit and completely forgot to wipe. I walked around and partied a few more hours after that and then went to sleep. Thankfully it was not such a messy shit, because the leftover feces had formed into little butt nuggets and appeared the next morning dangling from my anal pubes.
by buttoucher February 19, 2014
A nugget of poo from the butt. usually brown. Sometimes red. Mostly found in mexico and africa.
Ew that new kid, tyler looks like a butt nugget.

Be quiet Sabrina, your such a butt nugget.
by plunesance3082MSD June 12, 2011
from when you dont wipe your ass enough, you get butt crumbs butt nuggets or something my cousins would name there dog.
"come here butt nugget!"
by shoo bop October 10, 2008
shit that comes out of the ass in small, often round pieces
When I tried to shit this morning, all I got was buttnuggets; the shit came out in small pieces.
by amaurbanexpert September 05, 2008
a small piece of poop that is stuck in your ass
see dingleberry turtleheading and praire dogging
can also be used as an insult in instances where you can't curse (i.e. in front of parents, little kids, etc)
omg you are such a effing butt nugget!

dude:ughh, i tried to take a shit today, but i still have a butt nugget
other dude:eww too much info!
by jess from somewhere October 21, 2005
a turd, usually droppped by boys playing in the woods, tro mark territoroy as part of playing a gameew butt nuggets
Randy: i need somebody to help me leave a few butt nuggets to mark our turf.
Scott:okay, i'll help. i just had tacos for lunch
Randy: awesome, dude!
by t045t April 27, 2011

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