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The act of ejaculating on someone's butt-hole without actual penetration.
I stood over her spread asshole and gave her a great butt shot.
Creampie's are nice but, I love to shoot my cum directly on her butt-hole.
by Movie Guy January 30, 2012
When a woman takes a picture showing her buttocks. The face may or may not be shown.
I took some butt shots to get into King Magazine. They haven't called yet.

Kim Kardashian is such a skank. All she takes is butt shots.
by American QueenAMC August 21, 2013
turkey basting crystal meth into your butt
she took a buttshot before sex
by turkey basting meth into your February 28, 2015
The most common type of rock climbing photo. Your climbing partner takes a photograph of you leading the most awesome pitch of the most fantastic climbing route and since she is below you, all she gets in the image is your butt. Common in climbing gyms too.
Billy photographed me climbing that spectacular 5.12 overhanging offwidth "Bloody Elbows" and all he got was a buttshot.
by danquo August 05, 2013
The topical application or insertion of an alcohol-soaked sponge (in)to the anus.
Lunchbox: Hey, do you guys have a sponge and some vodka?
Court: Why? You need to get drunk before you clean the bathroom?
Lunchbox: No, you cunt munchkin, I want to do a Butt Shot and then bang out your mom raw-dog-Lewy style!
by Poopy Dick April 18, 2007

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