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A loser, a wanabe surfer. People who buy surf gear, fake bake (use tanning beads) basically people who wishing they were locals, but they cant be.
Q: Whos that butt crumb trying to surf?
A: He's a nobody
by nevergetscranked June 29, 2009
Little pieces of toilet paper left after a poor wipe job. Not limited to any specific gender, age, or ethnicity.
Cheap toilet paper and fast wipes will almost always give you a bad case of itching butt crumbs.

She couldn't wait till the elevator doors closed because she had a bad case of "Butt-Crumbs"
by BigulModemo April 28, 2009
Sam Suiciide/Komiazyk/Vakalis
Pieces off poo stuck to ones bum from too much anal sex that get hard and look like crumbs and end up everywhere.
Flinders street rat: Hey what are those crumbs on the floor?
Sam: My butt crumbs, sorry!
by buttcrumbsspecialist November 21, 2011
also known as Arse dandruff and Poo-flakes

small specks of poo that fall down on to the toilet seat while wiping. Particularly visible on white toilet seats (but carpets do an excellent job of concealing them). Usually observed among those with hairy cracks and high-fibre diets.
Son: Dad, did Uncle Jim come to visit again?
Father: Yes, why do you ask?
Son: I saw some butt crumbs on the toilet seat.
by coazeau July 29, 2012
The little bits of poo left behind after a flush. Butt Crumbs will generally swirl around as the toilet fills, but often settle in the bottom eventually. Phantom Butt Crumbs also exist - they tend to show up after the toilet fills halfway, so even after you check there is still a chance they will show up. Butt Crumbs are most common after eating a big salad or Chinese Buffet, but also occur often during an illness.

also known as 'leavings' by those more cultured.
'dude, did you have a salad today?'
'yeah, howd you know?'
'you left a bunch of butt crumbs in the toilet'
'must have been phantom, i waited after the flush for like a minute.'

also 'when you came to my apartment, you left butt crumbs, in the toilet...Annie are you ok? are you ok Annie?'
by qbe July 02, 2012
A turtle head that has gone too far and is now held betwixt thou cheeks until such time that thou is prepared to drop the buttcrumb in its final destination.
Where is the nearest waste receptacle? I need to rid myself of this buttcrumb
by lindseynotmelo June 30, 2012
What your dirty butt leaves behind after you sit on something clean.
Lunchlady: *finishs cleaning table*
11yr old girl: *sits on freshly cleaned table*
Lunchlady: get yer buttcrumbs offa meh table!
11yr old girl: what?
by letsmakefunofhipsters April 23, 2008
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