A ButtBabyy is any child that results from semen seeping into the vagina after anal sex. ButtBaby's can be prevented by using a condom, birth control pills, other contraceptives, and by simply not engaging in anal sex.
Father:"Son, now that your 16, its time we tell you that you werent planned, you were a ButtBaby."

Son:"Thats okay, becuase my girlfreind is pregnent with a ButtBaby."
by Dr.Awz-some August 04, 2010
A fictional baby conceived by anal intercourse and birthed through the anus, just as a regular baby is conceived by sexual intercourse and birthed through the vagina.

In reality it is impossible to impregnate anyone or give birth through the anus. Mentioning or discussing the concept of a butt baby is a pursuit into often intentionally juvenile humour.
John: "Shut up, you butt baby!"

Rick: "Hey, us butt babies are contributing members of society! We are all equal, whether born from the hoo-ha or born from the ha-hoo."
by DanielCornelius September 07, 2012
The other term for fecal matter (feices) (poop)
It comes for you butt, and its like a little baby, therefor butt babies
Dude!! i clogged the toilet with a litter butt babies
by elle wordo mastero June 09, 2009
when a man and a Grilled Cheese sandwich love each other very very much, they will sometimes have a wresting match and then later a special surprise comes out of the man's private parts
life has many gifts, but there are few as precious as a butt baby
by puertorican120 November 29, 2012
n. a term used for the would-be children of a homosexual encounter by women who find joy in male on male erotica and/or pornography
Oooo does this mean that you and Brandon are going to make Butt Babies?

Look at those fags, I bet the twink is going to be the one carrying the Butt Baby.
by CradleofFilth08 October 15, 2010
A turd or the load you dump.
I a be back, I'm gona have a butt baby.
by Judge dredd7 December 02, 2011
The infant born that was concieved during anal intercourse. This occurs when a male ejaculates inside of a woman's anus, then she omits gas and the sperm is then forced out of and carried to her vagina. Once inside, she becomes inpregnated.
A porn stars who eats beans is most likely to produce a butt baby.
by mamabearwhiskey April 17, 2009

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