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2 definitions by DanielCornelius

A typed version of the word "what", for use in response to things that are too ridiculous, retarded or out-of-the-blue to deserve a regular, correctly spelled inquiry. Great for Youtube conversations.
(Random talkshow interview video)

Youtube Poster A:

"Guy in vid is fuckin jew santanist asshole 666, you'll all see when the reptilian aliens come. Freemasons."

Youtube Poster B:
"@Youtube Poster A

by DanielCornelius August 17, 2011
A fictional baby conceived by anal intercourse and birthed through the anus, just as a regular baby is conceived by sexual intercourse and birthed through the vagina.

In reality it is impossible to impregnate anyone or give birth through the anus. Mentioning or discussing the concept of a butt baby is a pursuit into often intentionally juvenile humour.
John: "Shut up, you butt baby!"

Rick: "Hey, us butt babies are contributing members of society! We are all equal, whether born from the hoo-ha or born from the ha-hoo."
by DanielCornelius September 07, 2012